unanswered CES 2009 - Razer

03 Nov 2010 20:04 #11695 by garfi3ld
CES 2009 - Razer was created by garfi3ld

img_1726-lanoc-reviews-lanoc-reviews-smallIn my travels around CES I saw countless different designs for keyboards and mice. I set out to find a booth from our friends over at Razer, counting down to CES they were really hyping up an upcoming product that they would announce the first day of CES. Razer decided to skip out on the booth this year and instead had a meeting room. It wasn’t hard to find the Razer meeting room considering it was fully covered in black and green designs. I went inside and meet up with Nicholas Depalmer, you might remember the name from our “Interview with a gamer”.



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