The box for the Sapphire Pulse RX 7600 XT OC is significantly smaller than the box that the XFX 7600 XT came in. This is extremely compact and gives a big hint at the overall size of the card inside. The Sapphire Pulse RX 7600 that I took a look at last May had the same size box and the design was similar as well with one big change. With that card, the abstract design in the background has a funky green/brown whereas this time around they have a cool blue-green mix that looks a lot better. It has the Pulse logo with the EKG pulse line drawing next to it. The AMD wrap-around takes up almost the entire box because of how small the box is. That has the large red section with the RX 7600 XT model name as well as the line of AMD features along the bottom and the 16GB of video memory which is highlighted in the bottom left corner. Sapphire's logo is in the top left corner and they have a sticker letting you know this is an overclocked model as well. Around on the back, the AMD wrap-around continues and again takes up most of the back. They have a very basic specification listing that really just shows you what display outputs the card has and system requirements. Then they have two different styles of Sapphire logos. I would love to get a picture of the card and at least the card dimensions and if we were really lucky the clock speeds for those who are shopping in a retail store. None of that matters when shopping online, but in a store, you really have no idea what the card inside looks like without looking it up.

image 4

image 5

Inside there was a thicker brown cardboard box. This opens up and you have the quick installation guide sitting up on top. Then the card itself comes in a bubble wrap static bag and sits in a cardboard tray that offers a little more protection. The bag does have a new sticker on it that I haven’t seen in the past. It is a warning to be careful when transporting your PC with the GPU installed as that can damage the PCIe slot portion of the card or your motherboard for that matter. It’s always interesting to see what kind of warnings companies put on things, it gives us a peak at some of the areas that they see damage during RMAs and honestly, I wouldn’t have expected this one, at least not on a smaller card like this but it is a big issue with todays cards being so large/heavy.

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