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In my review of the Sapphire RX 7700 XT pulse, we got a look at the 7700 XT’s stock-clocked performance and I was impressed with how it compared with the RTX 4060 Ti. That was no different this time with the XFX QICK 319 RX 7700 XT Black. It is overclocked and in a majority of our tests that translated to a small performance bump. 1440p performance was solid, not up into the same range as the new 7800 XT but perfect to pair with a 1440p 144Hz display while also having some capabilities at 4k should you need it. Blender performance is still not that impressive. Ray tracing performance isn’t caught up to Nvidia, but has improved from the last generation.

Like with all of the AMD cards I have taken a look at today, the QICK 319 RX 7700 XT Black has standard PCIe power connections which means you can save money by reusing your older power supply if you have one or avoid having to use adapters. XFX’s design is similar to the XFX MERC 319 RX 7800 XT but the QICK 319 RX 7700 XT Black doesn’t have the silver trim that the MERC has making it a simple blacked-out card design. The only fault there is that the fans have the same silver and black accents on them that the MERC had which spoils the blacked-out look. The cooler on the QICK 319 RX 7700 XT Black handled things fine but there wasn’t much headroom left over, it didn’t perform much better when going from the stock fan profile to 100% fan speed. Our noise testing had it up near the top of our charts in all three tests as well which is the opposite of what I saw from the MERC. In the end, the large card did improve on what I saw from the Sapphire 7700 XT Pulse, but I do wish that XFX had a more compact design like the Pulse as well.

For pricing the QICK 319 RX 7700 XT Black should be priced between 459.99 and 469.99 and for comparison the base MSRP of the 7700 XT is $449. AMD didn’t leave much room between the 7700 XT and the 7800XT which is the biggest downside to the 7700 XT. It isn’t a bad performing GPU, but once you start looking at a card like the QICK 319 RX 7700 XT Black you get close to a stock-clocked RX 7800 XT quick. The QICK 319 RX 7700 XT Black like with all of the other 7700 XT and 7800 XT’s does come with Starfield Premium Edition which is a $99 value. If you were already planning on picking up the game that isn’t a bad value add.


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