If you have seen the last few generations of cards the styling for the XFX Speedster Qick319 RX 7700 XT Black isn’t going to be too much of a surprise for you. But if you haven’t the vertical orientation that XFX has gone with is going to be a little different for you. This setup is similar to what EVGA did with some of their cards and I always like the look because it also shrinks down the size of the wrap-around down at the bottom to be a little less in your face. The Speedster branding is hidden in the black background with the Qick319 model name taking up most of the front and is extra visible being white on the black background. The XFX logo is in the top left corner and then down in the bottom right in the red wrap around you have the AMD branding as well as the GPU model name. Around on the back of the box, the black background continues but here they have a design overlayed in a dark grey. Then in the center, there are two pictures of the XFX Speedster Qick319 RX 7700 XT Black with it sitting vertically to match the box orientation. One picture shows the top edge and fans and the other shows the back and more of the top edge. Below that is a feature breakdown which touches on the normal AMD features, nothing specific from XFX and they let you know that the card is the only thing in the box. I love having pictures of the card on the box but do wish there could be at least some basic specifications like card dimensions, If you are shopping in retail that would be important information to have.

image 1  image 2

Inside the outer box is the main thicker cardboard box which has a black finish. When you open this one up right up on to is a card that covers the entire box. This has the XFX X shape across it and then four QR codes. One has the warranty information, one is for an installation guide links to the latest drivers. There is also a multi-language guide and one in the bottom right which is in Chinese but the QR code takes you to a driver page. They also have a your serial number sticker on this card, just like the one on the card itself which makes any warranty registration or RMA easier to do. Under the card, you will find an inch thick layer of foam. Under that foam, the XFX Speedster Qick319 RX 7700 XT Black is packed away. It comes in a heavy clean plastic bag and also comes with plastic covering most of the cooler and backplate to prevent any scuffs or scratches. Then it is sitting in a thick foam tray cut to fit it.  

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