Well, the packaging for the 3060 Eagle wasn’t that far off from the last Gigabyte card that I had come into the office. The last card which was one of their Gaming OC line of card which does still exists alongside the Eagle line. It has the same mechanical eye on the front. The only big difference is that the eye how has that aqua blue accent in it where it used to be orange and it has Eagle in the eye itself. They also have Eagle 12G down below that in a smaller font. The Gigabyte logo is in the top left corner and isn’t too in your face or big then you have the standard Nvidia wrap around in the bottom right corner which has the GeForce RTX branding and the 3060 model number. They show that the card does have RGB lighting and the Windforce cooler with logos in the bottom left as well. On the back of the box, they have a lot more to check out. There is a picture of the card in the section talking about the Windforce cooling and how its opposite spinning fans work. Then before that, they show the top edge lighting with three examples. I like that they have a picture of the card, though being on the front would be nicer. I also wish they would have specifications, at least the card's dimensions, and the clock speed. They did include a line drawing of the display connections which is nice though!

image 5


image 6


Inside when you open the small box up you have foam with a cutout shaped like the card and the card sitting inside of a static protective bag. There aren’t any accessories or documentation so it's just the card. But it does come well protected.

image 7



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