VR Benchmarks

For VR testing I am still hoping to expand our testing in the future as more benchmarks become available, but right now the two most popular is VRMark and the SteamVR benchmark. I’ve included the SteamVR results below, but there isn’t much to talk about as it caps out at 11 and anything on the higher end is reaching that. VRMark, on the other hand, has some interesting results. That have three different benchmarks, all with a target FPS of 109 FPS for a smooth gaming experience in VR. It is more important in VR as lower FPS can be nauseating. Anyhow the three tests break down like this. The Orange room test is similar to the SteamVR test where it tests current mid-range graphics. The Cyan Room tests current high-end graphics. Then the Blue Room test is future looking with highly detailed graphics that we should see in the future. The EVGA RTX 2070 XC outperformed the Founders Edition RTX 2070 in the orange room but came in less and 1 FPS below on the other two tests. Overall this was above the Vega 64 and the GTX 1080, even the overclocked model and in the case of the Cyan Room test above the GTX 1080 Ti as well.




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