The packaging from EVGA is a big departure from what everyone else is doing, at least in one big way. They have it set to be vertical and all other cards have the longest dimension on their width. The box itself is about the same size as the Founders Edition box from Nvidia. The front has a large photo of the card with the VC label in large letters on the left. The wrap around Nvidia RTX strip is still there, it just takes up more width because of the box orientation and it does wrap around to the side as well. The box also has a corner cut off of it for some reason as well. The back of the box doesn’t really have much going on, I would have hoped that EVGA would show a few more photos of features but really there is just a basic feature list from Nvidia and a minimum specs listing as well as information on GeForce Experience down at the bottom at the end of the wrap around band.

image 1

image 2

When you pull the outside covering off there is a black box inside. This box is filled with foam padding with a cutout in the center in the shape of a video card. There is a foam insert that goes in the hole over the video card. Then inside as you can see the card comes in a static protective bag and it has an installation guide with it on a small paper.

image 3

image 4

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