Compute Benchmarks

While the EVGA RTX 2070 XC Gaming is clearly focused on gaming, it even has gaming in its name, I always take a look at a few Compute focused tests. I do this because using your PC for rendering video, photo editing, compressing video, and 3D rendering are just as popular with gamers and enthusiasts. Especially with Youtube and Twitch taking over the world. My first test was using Passmark’s Performance Test 9 where I just run the CPU Compute benchmark. Its score gives us a look at an averaged out mix of compute tasks. No surprise the Founders Edition and the XC are right with each other but the GTX 1070 Ti is still above them both on this test, as is Vega 64.


Cinegy is a professional video processing company that uses a very long list of different formats and resolutions in their benchmark. Not every format is even compatible with the RTX cards and as you will see the ADM cards have even more issues because of CUDA specific renders causing no score at all. But I still like to take a look at how the cards so.


Because of the issues that I have had with RTX and AMD compatibility with a lot of our compute tests I have added two more new tests. Basemarks new GPU test that lets us test in DX12, OpenGL, and Vulkan and Geekbanch as well.




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