VR Benchmarks

For VR testing there are only a few tests available right now, please reach out if you find any other tests that are available for both us and all of our readers to run. I prefer all of our tests to be able to be run by you the reader easily so you can at least get an idea of how new video cards compare to your current setup, whatever it is. Because of the limited tests the SteamVR test is still in the mix even though any of the high-end cards, RTX 2080 included) max it out so there isn’t much to see there.

In VR Mark though that is where you will get a better look at potential VR performance. I ran all three benchmarks, using the FPS result to see if the cards reached the FPS goal. That goal is 90 FPS, anything lower can give motion sickness in VR but as you can see the RTX 2080 Strix or Founders Edition reaches that on everything but the blue room test. That is a future-looking test where orange room is a current lower detail test and cyan is a current high detail test. The extra clock speed on the Strix edged out a little more performance over the Founders Edition card and that put it even farther out away from the 1080 Ti which other than in the orange room test, didn’t keep up at the higher detail levels.




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