I don’t think I’ve seen too many big changes to Asus’s packaging for a while now with the exception of the move to bright red on some of their new ROG products. But even though this is an ROG product as well the ROG Strix RTZ 2080 doesn’t have any of that. It has the normal Strix logo in the background with its neon-like color fade and a picture of the card itself right on the front of the box which I love. Then the standard green and black strip with the RTX 2080 branding on the front and side. Around back there are more photos. Asus has another picture of the card along with a few more detailed pictures of stuff like the contact surface of the cooler and the dual BIOS switch. They also have a line drawing to show which display connection options the card has and a basic specification listing. That is missing the card dimensions though and that is really the only thing that could be important when shopping for a card in retail, no one wants to find out later it won't fit in your case.

image 1

image 2

Inside of the branded box is another box, this time just with the Strix branding on top. When you get in this one there is a foam tray on top with an Asus branded envelope cut into it. This has the documentation inside. Under that is another foam tray, this time much thicker and with a hole for the card. The card is also protected with the static protective bag as well. There is a slot for accessories but they don’t include anything beyond what was in the box up on top.

image 3

image 4

image 5

That gets you a driver and software disc and then a generic manual. The manual just goes over how to set up and install your card.

image 6


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