The box for the RX 570 RS isn’t really very different than the last few XFX cards that have come in. It has their black and red theme with a photo of the card floating over the black background. I love that they included the card photo over artwork or anything like that. Then the bottom stripe has the Radeon branding including the model information with the RS designation over on the bottom right. The back of the box is simple with a short list of additional features as well as three main features that they break down with a short description and a small drawing. All are on the cooling system with one taking about Ghost 4.0 thermal tech, one being the load sensing fan, and the last pointing out hard swap interchangeable fans. The only thing weird is the hard swap fans part seeing that this card doesn’t come with them.

image 1

image 2

Inside of the box, there is a thin box on top that helps protect the card and has a few of the accessories and then the documentation sits just under it. The card itself comes wrapped up in a static protective bag. For documentation, you get a paper explaining that you should get the latest driver online, a paper on how to overclock using AMDs Wattman, and a small installation guide. Inside the thin box, they do include a driver disc but you shouldn’t use it and there is a dual 6-pin to single 8-pin adapter cable. The adapter is completely blacked out so you don’t have to worry about it looking really bad should you need to use it though most modern power supplies that have 6-pins should also have an 8-pin so I’m sure it is rarely used.

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