Compute Benchmarks

So the RX 570 isn’t going to be a barn burner in compute performance but I did still want to test it in a few situations the average user might run into. To do that I tested bitcoin mining performance using CompubenchCL, I checked video composition computing performance in CompubenchCL, and then checked a general compute performance in Passmaark’s Performance Test 9. In the Passmark benchmark, the 570 RS dropped the ball, coming in lower than the RX 470 did for me in the same test. This is an Nvidia dominated single precision test so all of the AMD 480, 580, 470, and 570’s were all at the bottom as well.


In CompubenchCL the video composition benchmark looked much better. The RX 570 RS came in at the middle of the pack but up above the RX470 as it should be and even ahead of the GTX 1060s with the exception of the EVGA model. In the bitcoin mining benchmark, it was down a little lower and again in the middle of all of those RX 470’s that I tested previously.




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