With Nvidia selling their own Founders Edition cards along side of all of the other custom boards, it also means when we get sampling like this we now get the full packaging to go along with it. So let’s see how Nvidia has packaged everything. The box is the same as the GTX 1080 Founders Edition with the zoomed in render of the cooler across the front. The standard GeForce GTX branding with the model number wraps around the side to the front. All in all the box is very clean. The box opens up by sliding the top off and inside you will find the GTX 1080 Ti in all of its glory chilling in a foam cutout with its static protective bag around it.

image 2

image 2

Next to the card, Nvidia also included some documentation in a slide out bundle. You get a quick start guide and a support guide but most people know how to install their card. Also with them is a cardstock paper that says Welcome to GeForce GTX Gaming on the front. Inside of it, they mention their GeFrorce Experience software and they have included a metal case badge. There is a warning to not put it on your pets or in your sibling's hair as well.

image 3

image 4

image 5

Then unlike previous cards, there is also a small box you can pull out that comes with a DisplayPort to DVI adapter. I will get into this later but this is because the GTX 1080 Ti has dropped the DVI connector altogether. Including an adapter is nice but remember this adapter only does 1080p 60FPS, so those who need a dual link DVI connection are going to be out of luck.

image 6


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