The packaging for the RX 470 Gaming X 8GB really isn’t far off from the MSI packaging of the GTX 1070 that I took a look at. The box itself has a red background that fades into a black own at the bottom. The front has the MSI branding up to and the Gaming X down at the bottom. Over on the right is the red strip with the RX 470 8GB information that all AMD cards now have on the box, it also wraps around to the side. The best part though is the decision to just put a huge photo of the card right on the cover when all of the other manufacturers seem to go out of their way to avoid putting a photo of the video card on the front of the box. This shows everyone in the store exactly what they are getting.

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The back of the box has three sections that feature the lighting, the included gaming app, and the noise level of the cooler. Each has a photo to go with the topic and a short explanation. There is also a small photo that shows the card goes great with MSI motherboard. Beyond that, I love that they include very short specification listing. They don’t include clock speeds, but it is still better than nothing. You also get a minimum system requirements listing and a basic feature list.

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Inside the box is a black tray. Inside the card sits in a foam cutout with a foam panel on top. The card is also wrapped in a static protective bag to keep it free from any issues in shipping. On top of all of that is a thin box for the accessories. The RX 470 8GB doesn’t come with any power adapters or anything but you do get a driver/software disc and a quick users guide on the off chance you need instructions on getting everything up and running.

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Also remember to remove the sticker that covers one of the fans. This is a reminder that the card does have the Zero Frozr functionality, meaning when you power your PC up the fans on the card won’t always be spinning, they power down when the card is under low load to keep the noise down.

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Weeks ago I took a look at the MSI RX 470 8gb but I'm only getting the coverage up today, check it out

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