Synthetic Benchmarks

To start of my testing I ran the MSI GTX 950 Gaming 2G through our synthetic benchmark suite to get a good look at how it compares to the Asus 950 and the AMD R7 370’s that I have also recently covered. In 3DMark I ran through all three Fire Strike benchmarks, the performance benchmark best shows overall 1080p performance, the extreme benchmark shows 1440p performance, and ultra cranks things all the way up to 4k. So how did it perform? Well on the performance setting the MSI came in just below the Asus 950, given the higher overclock on the Asus this wasn’t a big surprise. The performance gap between the MSI and both R7 370’s was sill huge. With the extreme setting the results were similar as well but with the gaps a little smaller. Then at 4k with the ultra setting the R7 370’s actually pull ahead due to the limited memory bandwidth that the GTX 950 has. In the Heaven benchmark 4.0 the slight overclock difference was just enough of a difference to have the Asus 950 up above the two overclocked GTX 760’s with the MSI just below them. That said the FPS difference was about a half an FPS. This is still almost 10 FPS above the R7 370 results. The results in the more demanding Valley benchmark were similar as well.





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garfi3ld replied the topic: #37042 27 Aug 2015 16:00
Today I take a look at a second GTX 950, this time from MSI. So I dig in and see what sets the cards apart and find out how the MSI performs compared to the Asus as well as the R7 370's that I have tested over the last two weeks.

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