The packaging for the MSI GTX 960 Gaming 2G sticks with the same theme and styling that MSI has been using on all of their gaming series cards. Given they have moved away from that with their new Z110 motherboards I wouldn’t be surprised if they do as well on the video cards next product cycle. That said the front of the box has the large red gaming series dragon taking up most of the cover. The background is flat black with a circuit board design across it in a gloss black. They have the product name just above the normal Nvidia mandated green and black section with the card model. Then up along the time are the MSI and Gaming Series logos as well. The back of the box has more going on though. They have highlighted a few key features like the gaming app, zero frozr cooler, torx fans, and SU pipe with photos. Below that is a feature list as well as minimum system requirements and a specification listing. I would love to see them stick with what they have going on the back of the box but swap out the dragon with an actual photo of the card to show what the customer is actually getting.

image 1

image 2

Inside is a cardboard tray with a second box on top. That box covers the top of the tray like a lid and has a nice MSI Gaming Series logo on it. Up under the box the card is wrapped up in a static protective bag and is protected with inches of foam all around it. Inside of that lid/box are the accessories. I was a little surprised to see that all you get is a DVI to VGA adapter and the driver/software disc. For documentation you get a quick user guide that helps get things setup but doesn’t have to much information. Being a budget card they, much like Asus on our other 950 review, cut out things like extra power adapter cables.

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Today I take a look at a second GTX 950, this time from MSI. So I dig in and see what sets the cards apart and find out how the MSI performs compared to the Asus as well as the R7 370's that I have tested over the last two weeks.

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