In Game Benchmarks

Our in game benchmarks gave us similar results to the synthetic benchmarks. In almost every case the Gigabyte GTX 760 OC Windforce came in a fraction of an FPS above our other overclocked GTX 760 and noticeably higher than our GTX 760 reference card results. In every game I tested the FPS was playable and in almost every case the results show over 60 FPS, what most people consider to be the sweet spot. That includes all of the games that we have AntiAliasing turned on and all the way up on at 1080p. In Tomb Raider, the one game that is close to 30 FPS, turning down AA would yield you even better results if you need it. In other words the Gigabyte GTX 760 OC Windforce will play just about every game on the market with every last detail turned up, take that consoles!















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garfi3ld replied the topic: #31583 29 Jun 2013 04:50
One last GTX 760 to check out before the weekend!
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arbiter replied the topic: #31584 29 Jun 2013 14:18
as an owner of a gtx670 windforce card, noise of fans at 100% is not an issue. Even with my card overclocked to 1250mhz gpu and 6.8ghz memoory, mine rarely ever tops 50% on fans or gets over 70c. You listed it as a con to the card the noise level at 100%, frankly it will never get there, less he person has some serious case venting issues.
for a 760, windforce cooler might be a bit overkill. from tip of the rear bracket to end of the cooler is like 11inch's so its not a small card.
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garfi3ld replied the topic: #31585 29 Jun 2013 17:25
"But the cooling power of the card means that unless you set the fans to 100% yourself you will most likely never have to worry about that."

Yeah I agree, I mentioned the same thing in the review. But I mention it because some people like to turn up their fan speed manually, and if they do they its going to be noisier than the other GTX 760's tested.

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