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Warning, hot surface! Sapphire made sure to include a nice warning right on the top of the heatsink, without a fan this card is bound to end up hotter than most other cards after a hard core gaming session.  With the heatsink wrapping around the top of the card touching it is a little more likely than other cards. But let’s be honest the main reason they had to put this sticker on is because everyone is going to want to touch this sexy card, it looks great!

image 1

I still hate seeing that blue PCB when black PCB’s are all the rage right now but this photo also gives you a good look at how small the HD 7750’s PCB is compared to the heatsink. You can see it overhanging over the back of the card along with how it loops over on the top. Because of that you won’t be able to pack another card right up against the HD 7750 Ultimate, not that you would want to.

image 2

The front of the card, in-between the heatsinks and above where the card bolts to the GPU itself Sapphire has included a black plate with the sapphire logo on it. This plate looks a lot like an engine cover . From this point of view you can see two of the heatpipes that pull heat out to the outside “wings” of the heatsink to help keep things cool.

image 3

image 10

The rear PCI slot has a variety of connections including DVI, HDMI, and a full sized DisplayPort. You also have a full length vent, but considering this card does not have a built in fan I don’t think that vent will be blowing out any air. I would have rather seen a second DVI connection be included in this case.

image 11

image 12


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #23789 13 Mar 2012 20:35
A silent video card for anyone looking to keep things quiet
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Arxon replied the topic: #23814 14 Mar 2012 00:38
This card would be perfect in a HTPC

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