The packaging for the HD 7750 Ultimate looks like a normal Sapphire card at first glance. But you may double take when you realize that the character on the front isn’t like their other cards, this time we have a ninja, for good reason. Along with the Ninja on the front you also have a large Ultimate logo that is much larger than the Sapphire HD 7750 above it.

image 5

Around back you have a full feature breakdown taking up over half of the back. Besides the breakdown you also have a collection of award logos that Sapphire cards have received, rumor has it we may see a LanOC Award there in the future.

image 6

Inside the packaging is a cardboard box. Inside you have a cutout for the card with all of the included papers and driver disc tucked away on top. There is a small cardboard box on top that houses the included HDMI cable. The card itself is wrapped in a static protectant bag then tucked into the protective foam to keep it safe.

image 7

image 8

image 9

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garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #23789 13 Mar 2012 20:35
A silent video card for anyone looking to keep things quiet
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Arxon replied the topic: #23814 14 Mar 2012 00:38
This card would be perfect in a HTPC

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