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Well, the MP400 is an interesting SSD to see come out this late in the game. Most companies have been focusing on their PCIe Gen 4 options but there are a lot of people who can’t even run Gen 4 SSDs yet so spending the higher prices on one wouldn’t make sense. I like the idea of bringing out lower-priced options for the mainstream. Corsair also has higher capacities in mind here. The MP400 is only available in 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 8TB which is getting into the range where you aren’t worried about storage anymore where some of the lower capacity M.2 drives may still mean you need a traditional SSD or hard drive if you data horde or have a lot of games that you play.

The MP400 1TB ends up being a mixed bag. I have to be clear to include the 1TB capacity when mentioning it because the 1TB model is significantly different from the other capacities Corsair has available. While it has the same controller, its performance is limited in several aspects compared to the other MP400 models. It does end up having great write IOPS performance but the write sequential performance was lower than I would like to see. The read side of things had solid sequential performance though. High queue depth situations have the MP400 struggle, especially on the read side. The one area where the MP400 1TB does still do well is with the real world windows file transfer tests, which is good to see at least.

Initially, the $119.99 MSRP wasn’t looking too bad when I was comparing it with similar 1TB options. But there is one holdup. The MP400 lineup is exactly the same as the Sabrent Rocket Q lineup and the 1TB Rocket Q is available for $10 less. Corsair is higher at the 2TB and 8TB options as well but the 4TB is a good deal at $589. Overall the 1TB option isn’t one I would recommend when drives like the SN550 are a little cheaper and faster. But getting up into the high capacity options, there aren’t as many options and the performance of the MP400 up there should be solid (see the 2TB rocket q testing I have done). It will just depend on how the pricing ends up comparing against the Rocket Q or if you are willing to pay a little extra for the Corsair name and warranty which is 5 years.


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