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The MP400 comes in a small box which unsurprisingly is bright yellow. This is Corsair's signature color and most of their products have it. The front has the model name visible with a large bold font and they also have a picture of the drive itself which I like. Below the model name Corsair does list that this is an NVMe drive and that it is PCIe Gen 3. Below that they have the capacity as well as a little information on the drive's speed which has this up to 3480 MB/s on the read side of things and 1880 MB/s on the writes. Around on the back, the box has a small window that lets you look inside and confirm that the drive inside is the drive you expect it to be and to see the serial number. The back doesn’t have much going on other than a short description which is repeated in multiple languages.

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Inside the box, the MP400 comes in a clear plastic clamshell tray that keeps it from being damaged. Then for documentation, they have a small paper with the safety information and another which has an installation guide.

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The drive itself is a relatively standard M.2 drive including its M.2 2280 length. Corsair went with a black PCB which matches the black sticker on top which has the MP400 model name in its large font. Below that they still mention it is an NVMe drive as well as it being a PCIe Gen 3 drive running at x4 lanes. It also has the Corsair sail logo over on the left.

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The back side of the drive has the information sticker. That sticker includes the serial number and bar code as well as all of the required regulator certification logos. The drive capacity is here as well but is in the smallest possible font, I think making that a little larger and easier to spot could be helpful, or putting it on the front sticker as well. The back of the drive itself is bare but you can see mounting pads on the PCB for four NAND and DRAM which I would assume are put to use on the larger capacity drives. Our 1TB model is the smallest option from Corsair for the MP400.

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On the top side, with the sticker pulled off, we can see that even with this being the smallest capacity drive Corsair has still filled this side up. There are four NAD chips on the left. They are etched with IA5BG67AWA which is a Micron 96-layer 3D QLC NAND and given the capacity we can assume these are 256GB chips. Next to those, the silver chip is the controller. This is a Phison E12S with the full model number on the chip being PS5012-E12S-32. The E12S is an eight-channel controller but with this 1TB model, it is only using half of that for a four-channel controller. Then on the end, next to the controller is one DDR chip. This is a Nanya chip labeled NT5CC256M16ER-EK which is a 4GB density 1866Mbps DDR3 die for the cache. When going through these details on the MP400 I did realize that it was very familiar, the Sabrent Rocker Q that I took a look at last June has the same setup except for the brand of the cache. Other than PCB color they have the same look and layout as well.

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