Starting off with the packaging for the EC-TFNE enclosure which they have titled on the box as the Sabrent USB 3.2 Tool-Free Enclosure for NVMe PCIe M Key M.2 SSD. That may be in the running for the longest name but it does tell you exactly what it is, does, and supports. The actual model name is in the top right corner and they have the Sabrent branding at the top including the blue swooshes. All that said, I would prefer a simpler name and then to list what it does on the front. There is a large picture of the enclosure on the front and down in the bottom right corner, they show that it is a USB Type-C enclosure with M.2 SSD support. It also comes with Acronis software for free as well as indicated by the sticker. Around on the back, they have another picture, this time showing how the enclosure opens up and they show what an M key connection looks like. They also list what comes inside, system requirements, and compatibility. Tossing in dimensions and they could have had a full specification listing.

image 8


image 9


Once you pull the outside cover off you end up with a foam tray that houses the enclosure tightly along with a plastic sticker on the enclosure to avoid any scratching. The tray then has the USB cords bundled up in their own bags in a top section. Documentation includes a folded up paper that has installation instructions inside and a warranty paper.

image 10


image 11



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