The WD Black P10 comes in a surprise surprise black box. The box has a black background with the WD BLACK branding visible in the background as well. The front has a photo of the drive taking up most of the front which I love. Then down at the bottom, they have the capacity along with a read speed. On the other side they have the WD_BLACK P10 branding, also in orange. They note that it works with the PlayStation, Xbox One, and PC and everything is repeated in a second language. The back of the box is similar, the black background and dots carry on around here. There is another picture, this time showing the USB connection on the end and lines showing the metal cover up on top. They list what is inside the box and the compatibility is repeated again. Beyond that there is a badge showing the 3-year warranty and the rest is just filled with all of the fine print.

image 1

image 2

Inside the box, everything is all packed up together in a plastic clamshell tray. The P10 drive itself comes wrapped up in a plastic bag and everything else is tucked up on top of that.

image 3

You get the USB 3.2 cable with a Type-A connection on one end and a micro connection on the other end. Then beyond that, the drive comes with documentation. The black document has instructions on how to get the P10 hooked up to your PS4 or Xbox One. Then the second document has the normal information including warranty and safety info. You know, all of that stuff you don’t read until something has gone wrong lol.

image 4

image 5


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