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Typically, we break down the packaging and then the photos and features on their own. Being a USB flash drive the Savage isn’t exactly packed full of things to talk about both in exterior features as well as its packaging so I put them together here. So starting out with the packaging the Savage drive came in a formed blister pack. The front you can see and feel nearly the entire drive. There is a insert with the branding on it. In this case it has a black background helps set the red apart. The drive capacity is up in the top right corner and directly below that Kingston was nice enough to list the read and write speeds as well. The front of the packaging also lets us know that this drive has a 5 year warranty and it will work with mac, PC, and even game consoles. 

image 1

The back of the packaging is mostly filled with a wall of fine print but they do list off a few features. There is also a breakdown of all of the different OS’s it will work with.

image 2

Getting into the packaging to get the drive out is a complete pain in the butt, plan on having scissors around or you might cut yourself up trying to get in. Inside we have the drive and then the insert that is the background to the drive on the front and also where all of the information was at on the back. This insert also pulls open and has more information inside. In addition to that they slipped in a string to help you attach the drive to your key ring if you want.

image 3

With the Savage USB 3.1 out we can finally get a better look at it. Basically the drive has a similar shape to Kingstons older DataTraveler HyperX drive only this drive is a little thinner. The Savage has an LED status indicator down on the end near the ring hook. This is also where the drive capacity is labeled. From there right in the middle the drive has a HUGE red X in the middle with the HyperX logo on it. Personally I would prefer the drive be thinner and not have the big X but that’s just me. Past that the USB plug cover is formed to fit up into the X. The drive is much thicker than your standard every day USB drive but it is in line with a lot of the higher speed performance USB 3.0 drives.

image 4

image 5

image 6

image 7

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Today I take a quick look at the new USB 3.1 Savage drive from HyperX

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