Overall and Final Verdict

The HyperX Savage USB 3.1 type 1 drive falls into a very interesting position. The drive matches or beats the advertised performance numbers and with a quick glance at available drives it is faster than the standard USB 3 drives on the market although I think there are still a few drives that are a bit quicker. The additional speed does have a few downsides though, for one the drive when running for a while can get warm to hot and even worse when that happens the drive seems to throttle back. Also the drive is considerably larger than all of those standard USB 3.0 drives due to its performance. That is of course a typical HyperX thing though, they are going to go for the fastest performance possible leaving the smaller slower drives for Kingston to market. On the plus side the black and red theme on the drive looks good and kingston has a good reputation for quality as well. So why does that leave the Savage USB 3.1 in an odd place? Well it’s too large for most people to carry around, so that leaves it for people like me who need a fast drive to expand the storage capacity on my Ultrabook. I have a feeling that is a small crowd these days with network and cloud storage.

That said if that is what you are looking for does the Savage make sense financially? Well at $90 for the 128GB model is spot on at the same price as all of the other 128GB high speed drives and frankly it is faster than the other drives at that same price. Dropping down to the 64GB Savage drive will save you some money with it a little below $60 but you will see a big drop in write speed performance, so I would stick with the 128GB or larger if possible.


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #37494 31 Dec 2015 19:27
Today I take a quick look at the new USB 3.1 Savage drive from HyperX

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