It’s been a long time between this review and our last SSD/hard drive review. Because of that we found this to be a perfect chance to change up our tests to something a little more in depth from our past reviews. Because of that our performance results for the Callisto Deluxe don’t have many results to compare too. Our results will grow soon as we cover a few other SSD’s in the near future.




Mushkin’s Callisto Deluxe outperformed the other drives on every single hard drive test AIDA64 had. Reaching an impressive 299.3 on the Random Read speeds left the Velociraptor in the dust with well over three times the read speed.



Because AS SSD’s standard test results duplicate the tests run by CrystalDiskMark we run their secondary benchmarks that duplicate Game, Program, and ISO transfer speeds. The results are considerably different than a standard benchmark; all of our results are shown in the amount of time needed for the test to complete. Even with the different results the Callisto Deluxe still out performs the others.



ATTO does a good job of showing total transfer rate for each Transfer size. To keep things simple I have only included 5 of the transfer sizes. All of the results other than the 16KB results have the Callisto ahead by a wide range. The 16LB results are a fluke with the buffer on the Velocirapter skewing them. At its peak the Callisto Deluxe reached a respectable 279038 with the Siliconedge Blue far behind with a 235987 in the read results.




This is where the Callisto really started to spread its wings. Every single benchmark bested the competition by at least double and considerably more on the 4K QD32 test. With a read speed of 272.4, the Callisto Deluxe is pushing the limits of the SATA 2 interface. Its Write speeds are close behind at a respectable 265. The results for the 4K QD32 Write show that the Callisto Deluxe handles an I/O queue very well, better than anything we put against it.




At double the IOPS than the Siliconedge it wasn’t even a competition.



PCMark’s hard drive benchmarks don’t always respond as predictably as a standard benchmark. Even though on most of our other tests the Callisto Deluxe outperformed the Siliconedge by double, in PCMark the difference was a lot closer. Other than the importing pictures benchmark where the Western Digital drive flipped things around and took a lead. Every other test still had the Callisto Deluxe in the lead, consistently.



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Way late, but here is a review of one of Mushkins SSD offerings

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