Because of delays on publishing this review, mostly due to issues unrelated to the Callisto Deluxe, this review is a little less exciting as it would have been when we originally received this drive. With SATA 3 SSD’s trickling out I am excited to see what Mushkin will have to offer. As they have shown us in the past, they will take their time to join the market. Only when they truly have something to offer will they introduce their products. They might have been able to jump head first into emerging markets like SSD’s but they didn’t. To me this develops a layer of trust. I trust that when Mushkin brings something to market it will be something to be excited about. Heck even months later I am impressed with the Callisto Deluxe’s performance, as they introduce there SATA 3 Chronos. I would still recommend picking one up as long as the price is right. But if you are looking for a little more speed there newly introduced Chronos will also fit the bill. The only problem with the Callisto Deluxe is the typical price you will find them for, but this has everything to do with them being replaced. Mushkin's newer faster SATA 3 drives are priced much more competalivly. Had we covered this unit in time, the price would have been right. We can't fault Mushkin for that.


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #19811 15 Sep 2011 00:15
Way late, but here is a review of one of Mushkins SSD offerings

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