Lian-Li Silent Force 850W

100_1702-lanocsmI'm not used to being spoiled when it comes to power supplies, being still somewhat new in the world of hardware I usually settle with what'll get me by. Lian-Li is a company that has had her share of the spotlight in our News section, so I jumped at the opportunity to test out one of the products I hear so much about. After seeing first-hand the quality Lian-Li invests in their products, especially power supplies in this case, I am beyond impressed. Heres how things broke down:

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In Win Commander 850 Watt power supply

We have seen In Win both on here and at our lanpartys. We have seen that they produce interesting and different PC cases. Apparently, they have decided to branch out into the power supply market. Considering their involvement in the gaming community, I am excited to see what they can do in the power supply market. In Win provided us with their Commander 850 Watt power supply. We are going to install the power supply into our HTPC build to see how well the modular cable setup performs in a tight fit.

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Antec TruePower Quattro 850

It’s hard to stand out in the power supply market, there really isn’t that much you can do to a power supply that hasn’t been done a few times at this point. Companies really have to depend on word of mouth and high wattage ratings to get people to consider their products. In the past I’ve heard good things about Antec’s power supplies, generally they weren’t considered to be top of the line but a good mid range power supply. Recently they have stepped up and are trying to change that image; one of their big gunners is the TruePower Quattro series. You can only get the Quattro series in a 850 or 1000 watts at this time, they are only looking to put these babies into high end gaming rigs. You may have noticed the TruePower Quattro 850 in our review of the Twelve Hundred; today we are going to take a closer look at it.

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Seasonic M12 700 Watt Power Supply

One of the most important PC components is the power supply. Without a good quality power supply putting out enough clean power to power your high end video card and quad core CPU, you would be stuck with a pile of useless parts. Today’s power supply’s have a lot of shoes to fill. They must put out enough power to meet any demand you will be able to throw at it, now and with future upgrades. All of the power must be clean and stable power, you wouldn’t want something to fry because you didn’t give it clean enough power. Then most recently people have been concerned about noise and aesthetics, the fans on power supply’s keep getting larger and quieter and you see things like windows and racing stripes on “gaming” power supply’s. This has also lead to the popularity or modular cabling, to me one of the best ideas to come to power supplies in years! Seasonic, one of our lans sponsors has provided us with their M12 700 watt power supply to check out.

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