I wasn’t sure what to expect with the packaging with this being MSI’s first PSUs. I kind of thought the box would feature a lot of red with the gaming theme with them featuring that dragon on the side. But the box is mostly blacked out with a gold stripe across the front. Given that this is an 80 Plus gold power supply it does fit and I don’t know if MSI has any immediate plans for more models but it would work well with other efficiencies. I love that MSI included a picture of the power supply on the front which takes up most of the space. Then their logo is up in the top left corner and the model name itself is close to the middle under the picture. They have the 750 wattage in the model name as well as next to that so there isn’t any doubt what wattage this is. Then down in that gold strip, they highlight the modular cables, 80 Plus Gold efficiency, and the Japanese capacitors.

image 1

On the back, the gold theme is featured on the right side. Inside it has pictures of the A750GF with dimensions. Then over on the left half, there is a small specification breakdown of the wattages. Then below that, they have all of the power connections for the modular cables with pictures of each plug type for anyone who doesn’t know them by names. There is also a graph showing the efficiency through load as well.

image 2
image 3

When you get into the box up on top MSI has the documentation. You get an owners manual along with a book that just says it is important information (warranty and safety info). The A750GF itself is wrapped up inside with plastic and then it sits in between two foam trays to keep it safe. Next to that, they have the power cable tucked away and a bag with all of the modular cables inside.

image 4
image 5
image 6


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