MSI getting into the power supply market is exciting to see, especially for people who like to theme out their entire build matching as much as possible to one brand. In my own systems, I tend to mix and match, but the exception to that is when it comes to integrating things that require software. Peripherals and lighting are nice to stick to the same ecosystem for that reason rather than having 10 different programs that you have to keep installed and running. In the case of the MSI MPG A750F, they haven’t reached the stage where software is a concern at all. But like with Asus, I can see MSI in the future going that direction and integrating their new PSUs, water cooling, and cases all into their current ecosystem with their GPUs and motherboards.

As it sits though the MPG A750F and the other wattage options that MSI has to offer have kept things simple. The housing from most angles is your standard black box. The exception to that is in the design over the fan which adds at least a little bit of styling. They picked great cables with the flat and flexible cables on all cables including the 24-pin. They even include a storage bag which seems to be going away with a lot of companies. Like I mentioned before, I’m not taking a full look at the performance here so I would still recommend checking out coverage at other outlets that have those capabilities before fully trusting the performance. Especially when it is a new company getting into the market. But I do like a lot of what MSI is doing.

As for pricing the MPG A750F is listed at Newegg for $109 even though it is currently out of stock. At that price, it is actually on the cheap side for a 750 watt, fully modular, 80 Plus Gold rated power supply. There are a few cheaper options, but there are a LOT more that are much higher in price. There is room for improvements in the future with a low-power zero RPM fan mode for example. But it should be interesting to see what MSI does in the future.

Live Pricing: HERE

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