As always I should repeat the warning at the start of this coverage. This isn’t a full review, we just don’t have the equipment needed to test the CX750F RGB up to our normal standard. That said I did do some initial testing just to get a feel for things using the Passmark Inline PSU Tester as well as a look at the noise. The Passmark testing takes a surface level look at the performance and you are on your own for providing the load which with one Passmark tester can only be ran through one 6-pin power PCIe cable so you are limited on GPU options if you want to see all of the power usage. I upgraded our bench from the RTX 2070 I have used in the past to the new RTX 3070 which pulls more power and tested things out. I ran the test once with zero load, aka with no test bench hooked up. Then at idle and again using AIDA64’s stress test I ran the FPU CPU test and the GPU test to pull almost 400 watts. The no-load and the idle tests came out good without any issues and even solid slew rates which the last few Cooler Master PSUs had issues with.

image 33
image 5

When I did the load testing, a majority of the time it was still solid but there was a swing in the ripple results on the 12v1, 5v, and 12V CPU connections which had them swinging out of spec.

image 1
image 2
image 3
image 4

In the end, I would still recommend checking out a full review with proper testing like the one from TechPowerUp for the testing side of things. Overall I like what Corsair is trying to do here. They are offering the lighting option on an otherwise budget power supply which doesn’t always get the “fancy” options. They saved money by dropping the cable bag, by going with 80 Plus Bronze, and by going with the button approach. I also like the overall styling, Corsair does a great job of not making their power supplies look like a plain old box and the Corsair CX750F RGB is no different. My only other complaint would be the lack of a bag to store your cables in later. Just a reclosable plastic bag would do even. But you do have the box, so it isn’t the end of the world.

The Corsair CX750F RGB has an MSRP of $109.99, where does it stand in the market? Well, you are going to be paying a premium for the lighting. A normal 750 watt 80 Plus Bronze power supply with modular cables from a reputable brand is going to be closer to $85 and sometimes less than that. But when you compare it to the pricing of other RGB options it is close to the pricing of the non-name brands.

In the end, it comes down to if you need/want the RGB lighting. This isn’t a power supply I would recommend if you are going to hide it away under a PSU shroud and that is the big issue. These were more of an option a few years back, now the odds are the fan will be facing down and not visible or hidden behind a big cover. That’s most likely the reason Corsair hasn’t brought these out before now. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t cases that it does work in. I’ve got RGB power supplies in my wife's unicorn vomit Thermaltake Core P1 build and I also have one in a D frame build. Both cases let you show the PSU off at least somewhat. So keep that in mind when deciding if this is for you, or if you have to have the Corsair CX750F RGB keep it in mind when picking out the case you will use it in.

*Followup* I did send our PSU out to Corsair to have them test it as well and on propper testing equipment it did test fine with at most 47mV ripple. I'm waiting on our replacement to come in to see if the Passmark tested still shows any issues. But again this is why I only consider this a preview and look at the features. For full PSU performance testing you should still also check out coverage from a few of the reviewers who have those capabilities. 

Live Pricing: HERE

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