In normal Corsair style, the box for the CX750F RGB has that Corsair yellow as the main color. This will get your attention in retail and matches their peripherals and fans. Beyond that, the front of the box is surprisingly simple with a large picture of the power supply powered up with the RGB fan on in the middle. Then they have the model name in the largest easiest to read font on the bottom left with the shortest possible description, “RGB ATX Power Supply”. That does cover the main two features though, this is an ATX form factor power supply and it does have RGB  so they aren’t wrong. The Corsair logo is up in the top left corner. The wattage is in the model name and then on the bottom right corner they have the 80 Plus Bronze certification logo.

image 6

On the back of the box, they have that same full picture of the CX750F RGB as well as three more that show the side, front, and top profile of the power supply. Those also include dimensions as well. The back has a shortlist of features that are repeated in Spanish and French. Then down at the bottom, they have graphs showing the power supply efficiency across 0-750 watts load and its fan noise levels across the same.

image 7

I like that Corsair also slipped in pictures of the power connections that show the number of cables you get with the power supply down on the bottom edge of the box.

image 8

When you open the box up, inside the power supply comes wrapped up in a plastic bag and it has foam that slides on both ends to keep it safe. For documentation, they include a manual as well as a small book on the warranty which is five years by the way. Next to the CX750F RGB, you get a big plastic bag of power cables. Then they have hidden away the power supply cable and a small reclosable bag with four black mounting screws and 8 black zip ties. I know given the 80 Plus Bronze rating that this is more of a budget-focused model and I wouldn’t expect them to use one of their nice canvas bags for the cables like Corsair has used in the past. But I do wish that the plastic bag that the cables came in was at least reclosable so you can store any extra unused cables in in in the future.

image 9

image 10

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