Two weeks ago before taking a Christmas break, I took a look at two different Asus products. Before the new year I figured I might as well check out one last Asus product that came in as well. Along with the new water cooling kits Asus has also brought out their own power supply lineup. They are calling them the Asus ROG Thor, which I think the biggest surprise is that no one else has snatched that branding up for their own power supplies given the whole god of thunder and lightning thing. Anyhow like with their water cooling kits, Asus has gone a different direction with the Thor lineup including building in an OLED screen that shows the real-time wattage usage as well as integrating addressable lighting into the power supply as well. Sop today I’m going to take a look at some of the features that Asus went with on top of an already highly rated Seasonic Prime Ultra Platinum power supply. With that at its base, the Thor lineup is already one of the best on the market, but I’m curious to see if the Asus specific features and styling makes this any better of a choice over the Seasonic.

Product Name: Asus ROG Thor 850W Platinum

Review Sample Provided by: Asus

Written by: Wes Compton

Pictures by: Wes Compton

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I wasn’t all that big of a fan of the amount of specifications Asus had available on their website. This includes no information on the length of the cables, cooling system, or even what form factor the power supply is. Not to mention there was only basic information on the load range and nothing on the MRBF, operating temperatures, or anything else.


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