Like most of the new ROG products, the Thor power supply has the same black background with red trim on the bottom for the packaging as the others. ROG has always gone with a red, but the new look has a much brighter red along with some of the angular designs in the black background normally found on the Strix lineup. There is a picture of the power supply on the front of the box, something I think every product should do but they normally don’t. Then for branding, the model name is in a metallic finish with the wattage in the middle in the largest font. The back of the box dives into some of the power supplies main features with a short description of each along with a picture on each as well. Then there is a specification listing up under the bottom, along with the barcodes for the model and serial number.

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When you open the box up, Asus once again did their showcase where it angles a panel inside of the top of the box with the ROG logo printed on it. Inside the box is filled with even more boxes. Normally power supplies are right there with foam around them but Asus put all of that in the left box. Then the box on the right has all of the accessories and cables. The benefit to this design though is as they have printed on the power supply box, if you have to RMA the PSU you just have to ship a much smaller more compact box.

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The second box, when you open it up it has a semi-transparent box up on top with all of the accessories and documentation along with an ROG logo on it. You get a white quick start guide and there is also a 20% off coupon for Cablemod. This time around it doesn’t have a code on it, so I assume they have you prove you own the Asus product another way on the website so I can’t give our code away like normal. There was also a metal ROG case badge that I found inside of the user guide. Then for accessories, Asus provides more than just about any other power supply. You get a decent amount of long zip ties, more than the 4/5 that most PSUs come with and also with those you get 5 ROG branded Velcro straps. The four black mounting screws are a given, but the bag from cable mod was a nice surprise. This is a bag of black cable combs, these are included because some of the PSUs cables are individually sleeved!

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The power cable was packed in the box down along with the power supply cables. It is nothing out of the ordinary, a thick cable capable of hanging the 850-watt capacity with your normal USB and PC connections on the ends. The power supply cables come in a nice ROG bag that you can store your extra cables in later. Inside I was surprised to find all of the cables were bagged again in plastic bags. They were split up between the flat accessory cables and the other bag had all of the individually sleeved cables as well as the other cables.

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