The Toughpower DPS G RGB 850W comes in a fairly standard sized power supply box. On the front, they have a photo of the power supply powered up with the lighting turned on and some of the individually sleeved cables hooked up to show what you get inside the box. To help with that Thermaltake has highlighted a few of the key features on the left side of the photo like the 10-year warranty, full modular cables, RGB, and the smart power features. The 80 Plus Platinum certification is also on there but is smaller and down in the corner. There is also branding, up in the top left is the Thermaltake logo and along the top, in an off yellow stripe, it also shows that this is from the Toughpower DPS G Series of power supplies. Having that does make having the product name down along the bottom in big letters a little redundant, though, it might be better if the top wasn’t there or if the bottom just said RGB 850W to designate what model from the Toughpower DPS G lineup.

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On the back of the box, they don’t touch on the features listed on the front like most companies. Here they have a specification listing as well as photos and quantities of each connection available. On the left they list off more features, highlighting the cloud, PC, and Mobile software.

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Inside the box, you will find a bag with all of the documentation up on top. Then over on the right, all of the cables and accessories are in a nylon Velcro bag. The Power Supply is then wrapped in a microfiber cloth and sits in between two one inch thick foam blocks that have the power supply shape cut into them.

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For documentation, Thermaltake gives you a few things. The small book has all of the warranty information for that 10-year warranty. Then you also get a product manual with instructions on installation and specifications on the power supply. Then there is a paper that explains where you can download the software needed to control the RGB lighting and to see the digital readouts and controls.

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Today I check out Thermaltakes RGB power supplies by taking a look at the DPS G RGB 850W Titanium

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