Once you have the Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB 850 W Titanium installed and you have the USB connection from the power supply hooked up you can download and install Thermaltake’s control software. They call it the DPS G PC App and you can download it on the product page on Thermaltake's website. Once installed you have a simple program with just a few main options down at the bottom and a whole variety of readouts you can flip through in the middle row. The software itself hasn’t changed from my initial DPS G coverage of the power supply we used in the D-Frame build.

software 1

You can flip through and check out things like the power supply temperature, fan speed, overall wattage usage and usage costs if you input your electric rates. You can also dive into more detail with things like your video card and CPU to see specifically the amperage and watts used for each and their temperatures. You can see all of the results in a gauge readout or the software will graph out results over time. You can also record results to test readings during a game or benchmark.

software 3

software 4

software 5

The RGB functionality only adds one button and in it the controls are very simple. You can turn the lighting on and off, turn on colorful mode where the power supply rotates through all of the colors, or you can use the color wheel to pick a color that matches your build.

software 2

The settings page is where you can check for software updates and where you can add in your electric costs.

software 6

Overall the DPS G software is very simple to use and is right to the point. Having just tested similar software from Corsair I do think that Thermaltake could expand the software out more to incorporate easier to read results all on one page rather than having to flip between each result. I would also love to see software to tie your power supply lighting into other lighting controls to sync them all together.


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #38251 25 Nov 2016 16:50
Today I check out Thermaltakes RGB power supplies by taking a look at the DPS G RGB 850W Titanium

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