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Welp, it's official. Logitech is still the top dog in consumer webcams and they did it by not changing anything. The Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam has the same top of the class video performance that the C920 and the C910 before it had/have. That means crisp video when talking on skype or for your stream. This isn’t the only camera on the market with a 1080p resolution, in fact, most do. But the C922 still manages to look better in all lighting situations. The quick autofocus performance also helps, unless you go in for a complete close-up you aren’t even going to notice it ever go out of focus. But it CAN get an up close zoom of your eye that shows every detail, don’t ask me how I know. The mounting options mean you can hang the C922 from just about anywhere, including on top of monitors, sit it on your desk, or even use any standard camera mount. Logitech even includes their own tiny tripod for streamers looking to use the C922 on their desk.

As for complaints, I found it really hard to have any issue with the C922. The background removal tool that is one of the key streamer focused additions didn’t really do a great job in my situation, that’s about it though. My only real issues with the C922 are just me wishing to see Logitech make the big step forward. USB 3.0 has been out for officially for almost 8 years but in the past 4 most people have moved to PCs with it. Yet there still aren’t any consumer USB 3 based webcams. 4k and 1080p60 are everywhere including most smartphones but they still aren’t options for webcams.

Taking in all of the pros and cons, the C922 is an amazing webcam and it is great for streamers as Logitech set out to do. Officially it is listed with an MSRP of $99.99 but a look in any webstore will show you that it sells for less. Currently, it is $84.95 on Amazon and at that price, it isn’t too bad of a buy. The problem, however, isn’t with the competition, the C922 has to actually compete more with its brother the C920. It currently sells for $59.99 with the price dropping even lower than that from time to time. With the same video performance, you really have to decide if the white lights, tripod, and background removal tool are worth the additional $25. That said, you know Logitech is doing something right when the biggest decision when picking out a webcam is picking from the C922 or the C920. For me, I will be using the C922, but you won’t go wrong with either.


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