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If you have even seen the Logitech C920 or even the C910 there aren’t going to be too many surprises here. For the C922 Logitech didn’t really reinvent the wheel, in fact physically they didn’t change much at all. So the camera has the same wide design with microphones on both sides of the camera. There are two lights on both sides of the camera but they did change the lighting color from blue to a soft white. This might seem like a small change but in the past, you can often see the blue lights in reflections of glasses. The camera itself is a 2 megapixel camera that supports 1080p and 720p. At 1080p though it could use a performance upgrade, it is still locked at 30FPS but at 720p you do get 60FPS.

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The USB cable feeds out of the back of the camera, so if you mount it above a monitor you won’t have to worry about the cable ever being in front of your screen.

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Like the C920, the C922 has a rubber pad on the bottom with a tripod attachment point. This can be used with the included desktop tripod or you can get creative with it and mount it up much higher using any traditional camera mount.

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Beyond the regular base and the tripod mount, the C922 has a few different mounting options. The base pivots up to raise the camera up if you sit it on your desktop. There is also a pivot just under the camera itself. When flipped out the mounting setup can also be hung on the top edge of a monitor. It uses a flip-out rubber mount to get traction (I have it flipped out in one photo below but not the second). Altogether the C922 can be mounted just about anywhere.

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I’m sure soon we will be moving to USB 3.0 for HD webcams, but the C922 still runs over USB 2.0 via a 6-foot long cable. The cord itself doesn’t have any special sleeving or anything. The tag is, however, important. This is where they have your serial number in case of a problem later on, so don’t remove it.

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So then we have the tripod. This, as well as the white lighting, is the only thing that physically sets the C922 apart from the C920. The mounting connection for the table top tripod is your standard camera mount. There is a rubber pad on the top for grip to keep it from coming unscrewed and the mounting point has knurled edges so you can thumb screw it into the camera. The Tripod has a quick lock on the side that unlocks the ball pivot on top. The ball pivot doesn’t have a lot of movement in most directions, but it can correct small level issues, then it can move a full 90 degrees back. The three legs flip out, so if you pack it all up it doesn’t take much room.

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Like I mentioned before, the C922 isn’t very different from the C920, so I grabbed my well used C920 for comparison. When them next to each other I can see that on the front of the camera the lens area is now blacked out more. They also have the new Logitech logo as well but beyond that the mounting and casing is all exactly the same. This isn’t a bad thing at all, the C920 is an amazing camera, so why change things unless they need to be changed.

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