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Our G.Skill Ripjaws S5 kit came in really banged up from shipping but still managed to be okay otherwise. They come in a clear plastic clamshell which can be hung up, this is a relatively standard memory packaging setup. It gives you a direct look at the ram which is nice both to check out the aesthetics and also so you can confirm nothing has been swapped out. Then in the background, it has a card inside that matches the styling of the ram itself. G.Skill game it a silver background with a brushed aluminum look and then up top a black and then red strip. The G.Skill logo is in the top left and on the right is the model name which highlights the S in red. They also have DDR5 in the top right corner which helps make that clear if you are shopping in retail. The back of the insert has a black background and just mentions that the Ripjaws S5 kit is DDR5 and designed to maximize performance and compatibility. Beyond that, you have a sticker with the model name, the memory speed, timings, and capacity. 

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Inside, along with the ram itself you have a black and silver G.Skill case badge and a small warning card. The card warns you to not mix kits and also tells you that the kit will boot up at a slower speed for best compatibility and to enable XMP or EXPO to get the full speed. Nothing any experienced user wouldn’t know, but right to the point for anyone new.

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The G.Skill Ripjaws S5 kit that they sent over has the model number F5-6400J3239G16GX2-RS5K. In short, this has the black heatspreader design but some of the S5 kits are also available with white, our specific speed isn’t however. This is the fastest S5 speed which is 6400 MT/s but they also have 5200, 5600, and 6000 MT/s options available. Then for capacity, ours is a dual channel 2 x 16 GB kit for a total of 32GB, there are also 2 x 32GB kits that have 64GB total capacity. This kit has 32-39-39-102 for timings and runs at 1.4 volts.

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The Ripjaws S5 kit does have black PCBs for each stick but that is hardly visible with the black aluminum heat spreader covering both sides and the top edge of each stick. The heatspreader is flat but has a perforated design on the right side with the G.Skill branding in white in the middle of that. Then the Ripjaws S5 logo which is in white with the red S is in the top left corner with a red, white, and grey stripe under that. The top edge has the G.Skill logo in white in the center as well and you can see on top how the heatspreader design does wrap around and click together at the top. One side of each stick also has the information sticker on the left directly under the red/white/grey stripe. The sticker has a holographic logo to help prevent fakes and then it has the kit's model name, serial number including a barcode, and the manufacturing location as well as certification logos. You can also see the capacities, speed, and timings here as well. Overall the kit has a simple but clean design with just enough to look good but doesn’t go over the top with RGB or crazy and unneeded heatsinks. Other than the few red accents the blacked-out look and white touches should look great on any motherboard and in just about any build as well.

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