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Aesthetically the GSkill Ripjaws S5 design keeps things simple with it having flat-sided heatspreaders with a simple design that utilizes holes for styling not RGB lighting or a crazy heatsink design. That design works well in just about any build and you don’t have to worry about it being a tight fit because they aren’t far from the bare PCB design that we saw with the Crucial kits. GSkill does sell the kit in both white and block models but the specific configuration that we have here with 6400 MT/s speeds and the 2 x 16 GB capacity is only available in black for some reason which is a bummer. Beyond that my only other issue which isn’t an issue at all I guess would be with the model name which has the s at the end of the Ripjaws name. This made sense when it's just Ripjaws for the model name but with the additional S5 on the end, it feels a little out of place where I think Ripjaw S5 would fit better. But that truly has nothing to do with performance, price, or even aesthetics which makes it not a big deal at all.

GSkill does offer a nice variety of speed options from 5200 MT/s up to the 6400 MT/s kit that I tested today so you aren’t limited to getting this design with a low-end speed or high-end speed, you get a mix. This is an Intel-focused design however so keep that in mind, it doesn’t also have Expo profiles. GSkill has different lineups for Intel and then AMD. I was also impressed with the overall performance of this specific kit with the 6400 MT/s and having the CAS latency of 32 which put it well above the JEDEC-clocked Crucial kits that I took a look at last week. I expected them to be faster but I was surprised at the difference it made in gaming (with our CPU-focused gaming benchmarks) and transcoding performance in applications like Handbrake.

Performance and everything else are important, but if the pricing isn’t right it throws everything else out the window. A great example would be the Crucial kits last week which were a little high, putting themselves up into the price range of higher-end kits. The GSkill Ripjaws S5 6400 MT/s kit that I tested today however is selling for $124.99 these days on both Newegg and Amazon. That is hardly above the $114 of the Crucial 5200 MT/s and 5600 MT/s that I tested against it and you have seen the performance difference between the two. This pricing is spot on and when we sort down to 6400 MT and 32 CAS latency this is tied to be the lowest-price kit. It isn’t far off from the lowest-priced 6400 MT/s kits even with higher CAS Latency so Gskill is on the money with their pricing. That makes this a great option if you are looking for a quick DDR5 kit for your Intel build. As long as you don’t want white at least. 


Live Pricing: HERE

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