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After pulling the Dominator Platinum RGB memory out of its packaging but before getting it in our test bench I wanted to check them out. The first thing I can say is the Platinum name made me think that they might be silver or white but the kit is completely blacked out. They have the standard Dominator styling from the side profile which includes the mostly smooth sided heatspreaders and a machined bar across the top. The sides do have a slight bevel to them on the outside edges that ramps up to the flat sides. The sides have a textured finish with a gloss black Corsair logo in the middle. The side profile also gives you a peek at the clear plastic lighting tubes that carry the light from the CAPELLIX LEDs up to the top of the memory. The side benefit to this design is it also gives a little lighting to the side profile which is great if you have a none standard case layout that shows the sides more than normal.

image 16

image 17

The back of the sticks have the same heatspreader shape, color, and finish with the exception of a small area that is dented in for the sticker placed on each stick. The sticker has the serial number bar code, model number, memory size, memory density and configuration (in this case 2x8GB), the memory clock speed, timings, and even the voltage. This is the same sticker you can see through the window on the packaging. I love that this sticker is as small as possible to not take too much away from the otherwise amazing looking memory and I also like that it wasn’t just tossed on, they obviously planned for the exact location with the heatspreader having a sticker sized spot recessed slightly.

image 21

The top edge of the Dominator Platinum RGB memory is the biggest departure from both past Dominator memory and other RGB memory from Corsair. In the past, the Vengeance line has been the RGB memory and with those Corsair used a full-length diffuser across the top which adds a lot of light into your build but now almost all of the RGB memory kits do the same. This configuration ends up a little unique with this touch. So Corsair only went with 12 total CAPELLIX LEDs to the Dominator Platinum sticks. The base reason for this was the same reason they haven’t done RGB Dominator memory before. LEDs pull power and there is a limited amount of power available through a DIMM slot. The new LEDs are a lot more power efficient and also put out more light finally allowing them to use them on their flagship Dominator kits without sacrificing performance but they did have to keep the LED count down. You can see one LED for each square diffuser and there are two behind the middle where they have the Dominator name backlit.

image 18

image 19

image 20


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