So with my last Ballistix memory kits, my only real complaint was that their aesthetics were starting to feel a little outdated. That isn’t to say that they looked bad, but not having heatspreaders that at least wrap around the top feels very out of date. With this Elite kit though that wasn’t a concern at all. In addition to the faster speeds and improved packaging, they come with a much nicer heat spreader. They have a weight to them from the machined aluminum portion on top. That top is also the best part about the look of the Ballistix Elite. They have a simple design with eight groves cut into each side with the Ballistix logo in the middle. This is very similar to the Tactical Tracer RGB kit that I took a look at a while back but that kit had a plastic top bar for the lighting. This kit uses the top bar to add additional surface area to pull the heat away from the memory and cool things down.

image 8

The sides of the Ballistix Elite kit have two parts in an interesting design. The heatspreader that touches the memory itself has three holes cut out on each side which if you look closely in the pictures below it means there isn’t contact on some of the memory chips. But for styling, it is cool looking. Then over those is a strip that runs the length of the memory which has the Elite branding as well as the Ballistix logo on one side. The other side has two stickers with the model name and kit information as well as the normal certification logos. The PCBs are blacked out and then the heatspreaders are mostly black to match. The secondary strip is in a dark grey that is nearly black. Overall all of the heatspreader has a textured finish which just adds to the rugged look that the kit has.

image 7

Especially with this being a quad channel kit it is going to be the top edge that you see the most when installed and because of the side at the top of this kit it really fills out the slots. They are just about as far as you can get away from the RGB memory options that have been taking over the market and I love them because of that. They are simple, heavy duty, and the black finish is going to look good in most builds. The Ballistix logos on top aren’t too in your face but they do add a little something to break things up.

image 5

image 6


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