So the packaging of the Ballistix Elite kit is noticeably better than the Ballistix Sport kits where they just pack all of the sticks in a plastic clamshell packaging. The Elite kit comes in a proper box that has a diamond plate design printed all over it. Then on the front, they have a silver strip across the front with the Ballistix Elite branding. The normal Ballistix logo is there as well down in the bottom left corner then in the top right corner is a sticker with the model configuration including capacity, speed, DDR version, and the stick configuration. In our case, this is a quad channel 4x8GB kit for a total of 32GB running at 3600MHz and it is DDR4 which is the standard with all Intel and AMD configurations using it for a while now.

image 1

Around on the back, they don’t have too much information. There is a sticker with the bar code in the bottom that also has the official model number. The middle has the same three boxes that our Sport kit had that shows the Ballistix hierarchy. This puts the Elite kit at the top. Below that they explain what sets the Elite kits apart from the other kits. This mentions that these are for pros and overclockers, have the fastest speeds, and the MOD software can monitor temperatures on the memory as well.

image 2

The box flips out and inside they have a “Game.Destroy.Win” quote and then below that the social media info for Ballistix. With it flipped out you can see the fill window that lets you see the memory as well.

image 3

Inside they then have two plastic trays with two memory modules each. This is no different than normal, just that they come in that fancy box where the Sport kit, for example, comes in a plastic clamshell.

image 4


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