For performance testing, I put the Avant Mid-Size through a whole mix of benchmarks. I combined most of them into the table down below to keep things simple but there are a few that just have too much information that I needed to include screenshots. Before diving into that though I did take a look at CPUz. I wanted to confirm that everything was what they said it was and most importantly I wanted to finally see what kind of overclock the build ended up with. They advertise a 10-20% bump but don’t give any specific numbers. So the 7700K runs at 4.2 base clock and can boost up t 4.5 GHz. CPUz is showing that AVA’s overclock is running with a 47 multiplier for a clock speed of just over 4.7GHz. This is about what I expected. 4.8 is normally fine but this is a safe temp that you shouldn’t ever have to worry about after shipping a CPU. That is assuming the temps are fine, we all know that the 7700K likes to run hot.

perf 3 perf 4

perf 5 perf 6

Okay so starting with the testing I ran through all of the standard 3DMark benchmarks including Fire Strike at 1080p, 1440p, and 4k as well as Time Spy. I don’t have any comparison numbers but the dual GTX 1080 Ti powered beast powered through all of the the 3dmark benchmarks without any issues. The Physics scores through were in line at best with what I saw with our stock clocked 7700K. The VRMark results really caught my eye. The orange room score is well above what you could need, but the two Ti’s pushed the Bleu room score up over 60 FPS, being the first time I’ve seen almost playable numbers from that ultra demanding (and future looking) benchmark. The new Unigine Superstition benchmark was similar, putting up impressive numbers there as well.

In PCMark 10 I was actually really disappointed in the performance. Essentials and Productivity were both amazing but the content creation score was extremely low, dragging the overall score way down. So then I took a look at Cinebench. This is one of my favorite CPU benchmarks because we can see both multi-core performance and single-core performance. The 7700K with its overclock did great here, especially in the single core test where it scored a 202 over the 195 of the stock clocked 7700K. But then going back to wPrime the result was actually slower than my stock clock testing in the past.

Given how warm 7700K’s run I was especially curious how the overclock was heating things up with the Corsair AIO for cooling. At idle the CPU ran at 38 degrees then when I put it under load using AID64’s FPU load it did warm up a lot peaking at 73c. That is warm, but not warm enough to be concerned and it looks like AVA did a good job of matching the overclock with the water cooler they included. For kicks I also load tested the GPUs but being Founders Edition cards they stayed right at 80c like always. I like that right now you can only get the EVGA cards, that should mean a little better cooling.



Fire Strike Performance Score


Fire Strike Performance Graphics Score


Fire Strike Performance Physics Score


Fire Strike Performance Combined Score


Fire Strike Extreme Score


Fire Strike Extreme Graphics Score


Fire Strike Extreme Physics Score


Fire Strike Extreme Combined Score


Fire Strike Ultra Score


Fire Strike Ultra Graphics Score


Fire Strike Ultra Physics Score


Fire Strike Ultra Combined Score


Time Spy Score


Time Spy Graphics Score


Time Spy CPU Score




VRMark Blue Room Score


VRMark Blue Room FPS


VRMark Orange Room Score


VRMark Orange Room FPS










Digital Content Creation


Unigine Superposition


1080p Medium


1080p Extreme


4K Optimized


Cinebench R15



910 cb

CPU Single Core

202 cb




6.247 sec


184.752 sec



CPU Load temp


CPU Idle Temp


GPU Load Temps


Next, I jumped into storage testing. I tested both the hard drive and that Samsung SSD using CrystalDiskMark. I don’t even think I need to explain which result below is the SSD. The hard drive isn’t bad with a read speed of 186 and a write speed of 179 but that is nowhere close to the Samsung drive with its 2113 read and 1464 writes. I don’t think you are going to be waiting on files to load with that drive!

perf 7

perf 8

Last but not least I slipped in a few of the tests I like from AID64 as well. The GPGPU test tests both the two video cards and the CPU in a range of tests then the cache and memory benchmark touches on all of the levels of cache performance as well as overall memory performance of that HyperX memory.

perf 1

perf 2

With all of the performance testing, I also wanted to mention the lighting performance of this build. The LEDs that wrapped around the window side of the case ended up being extremely bright. I dug out the remote and played with some of the effects and colors but ended up coming back to blue because it does look good. Only I turned the brightness way down, as you can see the blue washes everything else out. This was the only half way decent photo I could get of the lighting.

image 32


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