In the word of gaming and Lan Partys, it’s about more than who is the best player. It’s also about showing off your rig. People spend months getting their computers setup looking sharp so people can drool over them online and in person. One of the many ways to do this is to add lighting to the inside of your case. Cold cathode lighting is one of the best ways to do this. There are many different brands, sizes, and colors to choose from. VIZO has provided us with a set of their blue 12 inch cold cathode lights to review today.


Review Sample Provided by :VIZO

Review By: Garfi3ld

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Keeping it simple although colorful; VIZO’s packaging on the front only provides the color of the lighting along with the words “ultra bright”. On the back of the packaging though is where all of the information is held. There description on the back points out that the lighting will brighten up your pc without raising temperatures or generating excess heat.



Install and Performance

While getting ready to install the Lighting I took stock of everything that is included

-Two Cold Cathode Lights

-One DC to AC converter

-Double-sided sticky tape

-One PCI Slot power switch

The first hurdle was finding someplace to mount the two lights in my new Armor+ MX case. My previous case the Antec LanBoy had a few nice hiding spots. In the Armor I’m forced to mount both lights on the bottom of the case near the door to keep them out of view. I used the provided tape to mount both of the lights securely. I wouldn’t want them to come loose while going to or coming back from a lan party.

Next I found a spot to mount the DC to AC converter. I ended up picking a spot under my sound card near the rear pci slots. I had to do this because the cord between the pci slot switch and the box wasn’t as long as I would have liked. I would have liked to hide the box under my hard drives. Once everything was mounted properly I hooked up the two lights to the control box and plugged in the Molex plug into a lead from my power supply.



Flipping the switch on it was easy to tell why the labeled the lights “ultra Bright”. The blue lights made the lighting from the Thermaltake v-1 almost vanish as with the light coming from the led fan in the front of the case. The lights light up quickly and are instantly at full brightness. I can’t find any issues at all from a performance standpoint in fact.




VIZO’s Cold Cathode lighting is a quality product that lives up to its claims. If you are looking for bright lighting to bring life to your computers case you’re in luck. The only problems encountered where with the wiring, it’s a catch 22 situation. If they gave me more wiring to hide it properly I would be happy. But someone else would be upset because they had a mess of wires to fight with. So overall I think they did a great job. The lighting is competitively priced to other case lighting. Remember to pick up a set of sun glasses when you order your VIZO Cold Cathode lighting.





-Competitively priced


-Wires hard to manage



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