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The MSI MAG Z790 Edge Wifi DDR4 has a completely different look for its box than most of the MSI boxes that we have come in. This one has a bright white background and a design across the front in a light grey where most MSI boards have more of a gaming look. This does have the MSI Gaming dragon logo up in the top left corner. The model name is across the middle with the biggest font and under it, there is a small blue stripe that lets you know this is an Intel motherboard. Beyond that, the MAG logo is in the background, and the bottom right corner is in pink as well. The back of the box has an actual picture of the motherboard which I’m happy to see. Next to that, MSI has listed the board's main features. There is also a specification listing and then a line drawing of the rear I/O so you can see all of the connections you get. Inside the box is white as well and the MAG Z790 Edge Wifi DDR4 comes wrapped in its static protective bag and in a tray with the accessories up under it.

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For accessories, the MAG Z790 Edge Wifi DDR4 comes with the same two-piece wireless antenna that all MSI motherboards have had recently which slides together and holds the antenna up in the air. I was surprised to see that MSI included one of their branded USB drives which comes with the drivers and software on it. There are three sets of M.2 clips that once installed don’t require a screwdriver to install and remove your M.2 drives. Then for cables, you get two SATA cables which both have a right-angled connection on one end.

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For documentation, the MAG Z790 Edge Wifi DDR4 comes with a quick installation guide as well as a small book with the EU regulatory notices. It also comes with a sticker sheet that has a metallic finish. There are fan, RGB, and SATA cable labels and a few MSI badges, and even small lucky the dragon stickers.

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