While this is Carbon themed board the BIOS that MSI didn’t reflect any changes, sticking with their red and black look. When you first boot into the BIOS you do land in the easy mode where you have one page and simple drag and drop options for most anything that the average user might need. You can drag and drop the boot options, turn on game boost overclock as well as XMP mode. There are also options to turn on and off a few other features as well as check out clock speeds and fan speeds.

The advanced mode shares some of the simple easy to use features that were across the top but now in the middle, you have an older text-based menu where you can flip through all of the advanced settings. Most options for board and CPU features can be found in the settings tab. Then from there, the overclocking tab has anything at all that is overclocking related. Most boards break things up a little more than this but I found this worked well and you could find anything you need with a little hunting. You can use a mouse or the keyboard depending on what you prefer. Over on the right, when you mouse over items it does give you tips in case you aren’t sure what an option does.

Beyond that, you can get into a hardware monitor screen where you can see temperatures and even change fan profiles. There is also a board explorer option that has a photo of the motherboard and lets you mouse over anything to see where each is plugged in. This is nice when trying to figure out which SATA port is hooked up to a specific drive for example.


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