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So the box for the Gaming Pro Carbon has just a preview of the styling in the background with a touch of the RGB lighting and the carbon fiber finish. In the middle of the front they have the product name with stuff like the MSI logo up in the top left corner, the required logos from Intel in the top right, and then their mystic light logo in the bottom right. The back of the box has a lot more information. For starters they have a full photo of the board with the lighting lit up as well. The photo has a few key features with lines drawn to them and then on the right side, they have small breakdowns of what each feature is all about with photos and diagrams. Down along the bottom they also include a small specification listing and then a line drawing of the rear I/O so you know what your connections options will be. MSI does a good job showing everything you might need to know when buying in retail.

image 1

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Inside the box, besides the board itself, they did slip in a few different accessories. You get a whole pile of cables in small bags. You get two SATA bags with just one cable per bag inside. The next bag has an RGB header splitter, I love this idea. You can finally add more lights when needed. With the same theme, they included adapters for individually addressable LEDs to run Corsair or standard WS2812B lights. There is one SLI bridge, it is a solid PCB design with a black PCB but MSI slipped in their dragon logo up on top as well. The rear I/O shield is mostly black with red legends as well as red highlights around the main audio connection and the two super speed USB connections. Then for documentation, the board comes with a full manual, an install guide for the CPU, and a warranty/thank you card. With those, they also include a SATA cable label sticker sheet and a software/driver disc in case you can’t get online to get the most up to date drivers.

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