The next set of testing I ran consisted of digging out our trusty Corsair Force GT and doing read speed testing in CrystalDiskMark through both the SATA and USB 3 interfaces. Typically the results aren’t far apart but in this case I was very impressed with the both the SATA and USB 3 performance of the Gaming 7. In the USB testing the Gigabyte came in over 30MB per second faster than the MSI.

SATA3 Read Speed
MSI Z170A Gaming M5 435.6
Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 442.8
USB 3.0 Read Speed
MSI Z170A Gaming M5 220.3
Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 251.5


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #37254 23 Sep 2015 23:29
The LAN hangover is over, I've finished up all of my post event work and its finally time to start cranking out my writing again. To start things off I take a look at another Z170 motherboard, this time from Gigabyte. Check it out!

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