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The packaging for the Gaming 7 is a little different than expected. Gigabyte went with a full gaming theme and to be specific the focus was on Heroes of the Storm. The sponsor HotS a lot with Blizzard so this wasn’t a huge shock. So on the cover we have the full product name across the bottom of the motherboard with the HotS logo taking up as much or more space. The background has a photo of a spider lady that could possibly also be from HotS, sadly I don’t have enough time in the game or in other Blizzard games to confirm though.

image 1

It isn’t until we get to the back of the packaging where we have anything really going on. Here we have a photo of the motherboard, something I personally would prefer to have on the front of the box. Below that they have broken down a few of the board’s features like its USB 3.1 controller, network card, and audio and for each they have a bit of information on them. There is a red section with even more features but with less information for each photo as well. Down near the bottom we have a line of all of the required logos and certifications. They also slipped in a specification listing as well as a line drawing of the rear panel. I love when manufactures include the line drawing of the back I/O panel because this helps people figure out if the board will have enough connections for their setup.

image 2

Inside the motherboard is wrapped up in a static protective bag and then sits in a pull out cardboard tray. Under that tray you will find all of the included accessories and documentation. You get the driver/software disc, a paper showing their collaboration with Blizzard with Heroes of the Storm, a G1 Gaming sticker, an installation guide, and a normal manual. They also include a nit Heroes door hanger as well. For accessories you get a flexible black SLI bridge, a helper kit to help get your front panel connections hooked up, plugs for all of the unused I/O ports, four SATA cables and the rear I/O panel. The rear I/O panel is slightly tinted but still reflective and has red labels for all of the connections. Of the four included SATA cords two have right angled connectors on one end and the cables have an interesting silver wrapping on them that isn’t really going to blend in on any build.

image 3

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